Ensure the security of your
financial operations

Our PIX API is designed to ensure fast, secure, and hassle-free transactions.



Compliance with the Central Bank of Brazil Regulations

Operations in full compliance. The Trace API: PIX is fully compliant with the Central Bank of Brazil's regulations, ensuring you're always aligned with the national financial market guidelines.

Best Price

Competitive edge that makes a difference. We offer a margin significantly more competitive than our rivals, ensuring you get the best value on every operation conducted through our platform.

Easy and Fast Integration with Existing Systems

Maximize your efficiency with our API. Integrating PIX into your existing systems is a straightforward and swift process, designed to optimize your operations and maximize operational efficiency.


Simple and agile integration

Using our PIX API means agility. Integration with existing systems is intuitive, regardless of the complexity of your current infrastructure. We make it easy for you to enter the PIX universe with an approach that minimizes implementation time, allowing you to quickly capitalize on the benefits of this instant payment system.

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