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Trace has already processed R$ 3 billion for over 500 clients in international transfers.

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Payment facilitators

Global Companies

Investment Funds

Importers, Exporters, and Tradings

Influencers and Content Producers

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Currency Exchange API.

With the FX API, international companies and payment facilitators can efficiently execute transactions and minimize the risks associated with currency fluctuations.

Simple and fast integration.

Real-time closure with commercial exchange rate.

24/7 available exchange rate quotation.

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Bring your startup investment

Receive your foreign capital investment with savings, security, and agility. Access the best exchange rate and receive personalized service for all your company's international remittances.

Paralegal Services

Our team of experts is ready to assist you with declaratory services. Make your investment with Trace and enjoy exemption from registration fees.

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Periodic Declarations to the Central BanK


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Bruno Lucas

Bruno Lucas

Co-founder and CFO of Zippi

"Trace helped us a lot because it simplified the documentation, bureaucratic, and even execution aspects. We had excellent support, especially when compared to traditional institutions."

Ana Zucato

Ana Zucato

CEO of Noh

"I am impressed with how above-market Trace's experience is. I managed to secure my seed round in a single day, with an excellent exchange rate and a personalized user experience. This was a delight for me, after waiting for two months for foreign entities and bank accounts to be opened."

Rodrigo Tognini

Rodrigo Tognini

CEO of Conta Simples

"In record time, the money was in the account, and we didn't have to worry about additional documentation, which is often required for this type of operation. So, the experience was fantastic."